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Location: Edinburgh
Date: June 13, 2016

Our volunteers are working with two womens’ prisons in Scotland creating awareness for our services so that on release the prisoners will be at ease coming to Smart Works Edinburgh for support.

Recently a team of six volunteers went to Edinburgh and put on a fashion show using Smart Works clothing and inmates as models, some of whom had never worn a dress or skirt before, let alone high heels. They took to the catwalk amidst applause, laughter and huge support from their fellow in mates. One model said after “Made me feel good and smart, would defo use on release”. The unit manager said “The buzz of the show will stay with the women and staff in the unit for a long time and will help with morale and wellbeing”.

For those soon to be released there is now an awareness of the service provided by Smart Works Edinburgh and the sensitivity and awareness of the volunteers has had a powerful impact.

A volunteer said“I’ve rarely if ever, worked with a group like we did today where support and common goal was so obvious and apparent but without defined roles. I felt privileged to be part of such a group”.