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Location: Edinburgh
Date: September 21, 2020

Introducing Beth Reid. Beth will be covering for Smart Works Edinburgh manager, Emma Jewson, over her maternity leave and will be taking the reins from the 6th of November 2020.

Can you tell me a bit about your background and what has led you to work at Smart Works?

Hi, of course! I have recently graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a degree in events management with marketing. Event management, especially in the third sector, has always been my passion and when I was first offered a placement with Smart Works Edinburgh as an events intern, I jumped at the opportunity. Part of what drew me to Smart Works was the close working relationship that we have with clients. Having that constant interaction and really being able to be part of the process deeply inspired me and has drawn me back time and time again. In addition, I have been working with Smart Works for several years now; so feel that I really know the office and client relations well.


What do you find particularly enticing about working at Smart Works?

As an events management and marketing degree-holder, I am always excited about a new project, and here at Smart Works we are constantly organising so many amazing events that make tangible changes for women’s lives. As such, I can honestly say that this is my dream job. During my university placement with Smart Works Edinburgh, I introduced our #shopsmart initiative which received hugely positive engagement, so I am keen to get on with all of our exciting upcoming projects too!


How does the Smart Works ethos inspire you?

As a young women myself, I know the significance of a first impression and of how critical it is to get right. Being someone who has seen the challenges of the employment journey first-hand really allows me to identify with our clients and connect with them. The Smart Works ethos of bringing women into work and building up their confidence is thus so fundamentally important to me. At Smart Works we want our clients to be able to put their best foot forward, which is something I echo fully.


What is your favourite memory from your time at Smart Works thus far?

Although every day at the office is really special since we are typically meeting new clients all the time, I would have to say that my favourite memory was the first time that I took part in a dressing consultation. Watching our dressing and styling team in action was incredibly powerful to me, especially when seeing how carefully they consider and get to know each client’s style and preferences. The confident look on a client’s face the first time they see their reflection after being dressed for their interview is truly a memorable moment that is hard to forget.


Are there any upcoming Smart Works Edinburgh projects that you are particularly looking forward to?

Excitingly, there are a couple of virtual projects in the works that we will be releasing more information on shortly, one of which is our initiative called Cycle for Smart Works. Cycle for Smart Works involves teams of five women who group up to collectively cycle five hundred miles to raise money for Smart Works and other women’s charities ahead of International Women’s day.


Here at Smart Works Edinburgh, we are thrilled to have Beth join the team and can’t wait to share all the exciting upcoming projects we’ve been working on.