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Location: Edinburgh
Date: March 10, 2021


Over the past six months, Amelia Ward has been our communications intern. She has been responsible for writing our weekly ‘news’ updates and email newsletters.

A student in her penultimate year at the University of St Andrews, Amelia studies French and International Relations. She is particularly passionate about female empowerment, journalism, and equalising access to opportunities for all.


What did you enjoy most about your time at Smart Works Edinburgh?

“Although I absolutely loved every minute of my time with Smart Works, I particularly enjoyed my weekly meetings with Emma Jewson and Beth Reid. With Covid-19 restrictions, it was difficult at times to really feel connected with the work that Smart Works does. However, accredit to our weekly calls, I felt instantly welcomed and developed a really lovely bond with the team. I would love to drop by as soon as it is safe to do so, and meet the team in person, see the office, and get a tour of the dressing rooms!”

Which articles were your favourite to write?

“Something that I particularly enjoyed about working with Smart Works was the sheer diversity in fundraising activities that were run. Between the Evening with Ayesha Hazarika event in September, attending a Winter Makeup Masterclasswith Bobbi Brown pro-artist, Aimée Morrison in December, and participating in our Volunteers ‘Show and Tell’ Social in February, there was so much to do and always such a great community atmosphere, that you just can’t replicate. For those reasons, event recaps were some of my favourite articles to write.”

How does the Smart Works ethos inspire you?

“The Smart Works ethos inspires me in many ways, but most keenly, in its emphasis on the importance of power dressing to feel confident in the workplace. I believe that giving unemployed women the tools that they need, through clothing and interview preparation courses, to begin to level the playing field is critical for the empowerment and betterment of all women. To me, confidence is a tool that should never be underestimated, and I am constantly inspired by the way in which Smart Works understands and responds to this.”

Although her time at Smart Works Edinburgh has come to an end, she says, “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an incredible organisation. Thank you, all!”