All of our dressing and interview coaching services are delivered by a team of highly-skilled volunteers.

Rewarding and important, if you’d like to support our clients and be involved in an organisation that is promoting self-belief, confidence, and positive encouragement to women, here are the four areas you could help with. 

Trish has been volunteering with Smart Works Edinburgh for five years as an interview and career coach.

A few of Trish’s favourite memories throughout the last five years as a Smart Works volunteer is every email she receives saying the client was successful at an interview and has got the job, hearing about the success rate of clients getting work as a result of the help Smart Works provides the genuine positive feedback, and thanks for how much better the client feels from a confidence point of view after a session together. Meeting determined and inspirational women who are dealing with serious life challenges such as physical disability, mental health illness, homelessness, single parenting, redundancy, etc.

“Smart Works is an inspiring example of how women can help women in need, helping propel women in need forward in their search for work through confidence building and practical advice is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role at Smart Works”

There are four main areas where we look for support from our volunteers

Volunteer dresser

Dressing volunteers help our clients find the right clothes for their interview. To be a good dressing volunteer you need an eye for style, confidence in using day-to-day technology, and great people skills.

Interview coach

Interview volunteers help clients prepare for their interview by focussing on their skills, their confidence and their presentation. You will need a background in HR, recruitment or senior management, and will need to be able to use everyday technology.

Wardrobe volunteer

Wardrobe volunteers keep the whole system running smoothly by sorting, steaming and hanging our stock and making sure clothes are immaculately presented. You need to be highly organised and tidy, love clothes and have lots of energy.

Administration volunteer

Admin volunteers help in the office by answering phones, greeting clients, inputting data, filing and helping with other office duties. You need excellent customer service skills and general office skills.

Get in touch

If you feel you can bring the skills we need to our volunteer team and you have a passion for what we do we would love to hear from you.

Signing up as a volunteer is simple. All you have to do is fill in this form and email it to

Our team is small and we want to ensure that we bring in the right people to help our clients. It may take us a little while to respond but bear with us and we will be in touch.